Hide The Face Nails On Roofing Shingle Caps

RoofTip: How To Hide Nails On Shingle Roofing Caps

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Tools You’ll Need:

  1. Caulking
  2. Gloves
  3. Granule tray

Roofing has evolved to be more concerned with how the finished product looks, along with it’s waterproofness. Shingles have attractive designs with custom paint to achieve a color theme to best match your home.


A nice way to finish off the roof is to hide the face nails (nails that are not covered by shingles). Face nails are typically found on the last cap installed. Because the last cap has no other cap covering it, the nails are exposed, and are usually covered with a caulking sealant. An issue I have with this, is that most sealants do not last very long when left bare to the elements. The suns UV rays will attack the sealant, and the oxygen in the air will cause oxidation.


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Embedding Granules in Sealant To Cover Face Nails


Step 1

Collect Granules

Gather loose granules from the new shingles just installed. These can be found in the valleys, or at a location where you have made a lot of shingle cuts.

Rooftip_Roofing_DIY_Tips_Hide_Nails_Image_gather granules

Step 2


Apply sealant to the face nail

Be sure to have you granules ready when the caulking is still fresh, allowing for proper bonding.

Rooftip_Roofing_DIY_Tips_Hide_Nails_Image_apply sealant

Step 3


Apply Granules to Sealant

Slowly apply the granules to the fresh sealant evenly and generously. Apply pressure to the granules with your fingers to insure they are embedded into the sealant.

Rooftip_Roofing_DIY_Tips_Hide_Nails_Image_embed granules

Apply to all nails that cannot be covered by a shingle. This will give the sealant the protection and curb appeal that will last many years longer than sealant alone.


The finished product should blend nicely with the new shingles.


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