How To Measure Your Roof For Shingles

RoofTip: How To Measure Your Roof For Shingles

Author: Jim The Roofer
Number Of People Needed: 2

Disclaimer: recommends hiring a professional for all roofing work. Legal Disclaimer

See the Rooftip Roofing Calculator further down 🙂

In This Article

  1. Roofing Safety
  2. Roofing Tools
  3. Common Roof Types
  4. Measuring Your Roof
  5. Roofing Calculator

Measuring a roof can be simple, and it can be hard. It all depends on what type of roof you have. There are an insane number of different roof designs, we couldn’t possibly cover every one of them. What we decided to do is cover the most common roof designs, and leave it to you to put this practice into your own unique roof type.

SAFETY: If you decide to go onto your roof, please follow these safety tips first: Watch this video On Roof Safety.

Tools You’ll Need:

  1. Measuring tape. The longer the better, but a 25 foot tape will do.
  2. A friend to hold one end of the measuring tape.
  3. Printout of the topographical view of your house. (Can be acquired from Google Maps)
  4. Pitch Gauge. (Pitch Gauge at Home Depot) (Pitch Gauge APP For Iphone) VIDEO: How To Find The Pitch Of Your Roof
  5. Calculator

Most Common Roof Types:

  1. Gabled  Roof
  2. Gambrel Roof
  3. Hip Roof
  4. Shed Roof
  5. Mansard Roof
  6. Flat Roof


With your friend in tow, start measuring your home (from the ground).

A. Run the measuring tape along the shorter gable side.
B. Start at one side, lining the end of your measuring tape with the gable edge. Run the tape out until you get to the end of the other gable.

If your roof has more sections, just square them off and apply the same principle. Seen Here


Use This Roofing Calculator To Calculate the Pitch

Take these numbers to your roofing supplier when you’re ready to order your shingles.

  1. Roof square footage
  2. length of caps (Ridge & Hip)
  3. Length of valley
  4. Length of gutter (starters)
  5. Number of vents
  6. Number of protrusions (B-vents, Plumbing Stacks…)

It’s just that easy!

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