Paper Roof Pitch Finder

The Paper Roof Pitch Finder

Finding the pitch of your roof just got a lot easier. designed this easy to use paper pitch finder exclusively for home owners that don’t feel comfortable getting up on there roof.

Follow these 3 easy steps to find out what the pitch of your roof is. Then go to How To Measure Your Roof to put all the numbers together for your supplier.

Step 1

Click Here and print this page


Step 2

Cut the Pitch Finder out. Being careful to cut the lines straight.


Step 3

Stand about 30 to 50 feet away from your house, looking at the gable site. Hold the pitch finder up at arms length so that the top of the pitch finder is lined up to the roofs ridge. Then line the long right side of the pitch finder along the right gable of your roof. Now notice where the left step-down side of the pitch finder lines up to the left gable. The step the the gable lines up with is the slope of your roof.


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